Friday, August 04, 2006

Breaking In

The LP#9's are sounding great now but I thought I'd share some thoughts on break in and "audiophile" adjectives to describe speakers. My wife has had some great comments over the last several weeks that really do a much better job of describing what it sounds like while I was tuning them than all of the audiophile drivel that is posted on the web.

Audiophile Description - v/s - My Wife’s Description

The drivers are stiff and are very bright -v/s- They sound like an elementary school band!

The box is overstuffed lending to a reduced sound stage with limited presence -v/s- The singer doesn't sound happy!

Poor port tuning has exacerbated driver excursion and has caused near field distortion -v/s- Why do they sound like a boom box?

The bottom end is thin but the imaging is accurate -v/s- where's the bass?

Overall they air and presence is extremely inviting and appears to have a flat response although measurements have not been conducted against a reference system to confirm -v/s- they sound amazing!

Ha - who says she isn't an audiophile.



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